What I’m doing now

Hey there! So despite not having updated this blog in well over a year, visitors from across the interwebs still manage to track me down on a daily basis. There have been so many updates since the last time I wrote, but here’s everything I happen to be working on right now.

  • Celebrating our recent move to University Heights! Which of course means unpacking for the next month 🙂 But it’s a fabulous house in a neighborhood we absolutely love, so we could not be more excited!
  • Janice and I recently wrapped up producing both the Cleveland and the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Projects several weeks ago. We are now gearing up for the 48HFP Horror Project here in Cleveland this October.
  • I’m currently rehearsing for Yasmina Reza’s play Life x 3, which is produced by Ceasar’s Forum and will run from  September 22nd through October 28th at Kennedy’s in Playhouse Square. I play the role of Henri.  It’s a really interesting and fantastic play directed by Greg Cesear and featuring the uber-talented Tricia Bestic, Julia Kolibab , and Dana Hart.
  • I recently found out that I will be playing Grimsby in the Willoughby Fine Arts Association production of The Little Mermaid later this fall. I’m thrilled to work with director Sandy Kosovich Peck and musical director Dave Thomas for the first time. I am also really jazzed that this will be a family affair, with Janice and one of our daughters joining us on stage and the other daughter working on stage crew.
  • Earlier in the year I started doing some freelance writing and copywriting, and I’m hoping to continue that this fall.
  • I am returning full force to my neglected side project, Gorilla Film School. I am working on a very cool and useful course just for actors, and I am looking forward to connecting and engaging with more filmmakers.
  • Finally, after a short hiatus during the summer, I am also getting my ass in gear and my body in shape!

Last updated August 2017