When inspiration strikes

It’s 3:00  in the morning as I write this. I’ve tried for hours to get to sleep, then resorted to surfing the internet to study photo lighting techniques. Then suddenly, I feel inspired to edit my acting workshop DVD. The one I’ve put off for months–I want to work on it now, at 3:00 am. […]

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Metrics and Mentors

Who is your favorite actor? Can you tell me what it is about them that makes you like them? Is it their look, their acting style, or the projects they choose to do? Now–ask these same questions to your neighbor. This neighbor doesn’t have to be anyone who works in the entertainment industry. In fact, […]

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A New Look!

I’m currently working on getting a new look for this blog. I’ve armed myself with my new Macbook and a slew of software to try out to find something cooler and more functional. New things will include some more interactive media (podcasts, video, photos, etc.) as well as a new feel to the site in […]

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Guerilla Performance at its best

Check out this video from an East Liverpool train station. The early morning commuters got more than they bargained for! Thank you to Toni M. for sending this out on NeOhioPal. I’d love to see this spontaneous and entertaining sort of guerilla style performance used more by theatres as a marketing tactic. In high school […]

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