Location, Location, Location

They say that location is one of the most important things in a business. I’m finding out why. My business has changed a lot since 2007. I’m currently in my third studio space. I now do this for a living (I started out just part time when I was working full time at the talent […]

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My bucket list

It’s been a good six weeks since my last post on here. Before that it was almost the same amount of time. Truth be told, I’ve been too damn busy to write! Busy is good. Unless you take on too many commitments as I tend to do. 🙂  I really like writing so I’d like […]

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Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

“Well, um…see it’s about hand fishing, but it’s kind of also about these two guys…” It was clear the man was getting nervous as he stammered his explanation to me. I listened politely for the following two minutes as the older gentleman finished his epic narrative, before excusing myself and moving on to the next […]

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