“Affiance” Promo Shoot-Behind the Scenes

This is footage taken from our promo shoot of the Cleveland based metal band “Affiance”, taken on our Flip cam during the shoot last Thursday. It was a fun shoot–our studio is next door to the band’s rehearsal space so we’ve all become friends. Plus it’s always fun to be a groupie for a kick-ass band! I think we overwhelmed the Lake Erie fishermen when we came down with our lights, camera, and crew of around 12 people. Thanks to my fiancee Amy for getting the BTS footage. She ended up helping us run around so she was only able to get video at the first location. Special thanks for climbing the rock wall to retrieve a forgotten speedlight!

It was a long night, but I learned a lot and had a ton of fun. I think the band got some great pictures to launch their career with their new label, Trustkill Records. Check out the band at www.myspace.com/affiancemusic.

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