How are you using video?

I met a guy today that does what I want to do. Well, not exactly. I used to speak with Steve Petti from New Image Media years ago when I worked as an agent at the Talent Group. He used to book spokespersons for web videos from us, which is why I was there today. Steve is putting together some short video demos of talent that he’ll use on some of his web video projects.

Steve almost primarily does short little videos for the web. It’s a great niche, and he’s really good at what he does. We chatted a bit about the different projects people are using web videos for–everything from annual reports to training videos for their company to web spokespersons. According to the script I read today, the use of web spokespeople can increase customer conversion by 30%. I’m not sure if that figure is accurate or not, but there is certainly is a huge and growing market for web video–Youtube, Vimeo, websites, mobile phones, and iPads; web video is everywhere, and consumers are eating it up.

Steve has a great list potential uses for web video on his website. How do you use web video? Are you using it? If so, have you seen an increase in customer conversion or retention? And if you’re not using it–why not?

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