January 16th Make Money Acting Workshop!

Learn how to get started making money acting and modeling! The entertainment industry has been called “recession proof” because it grows every year, despite our current economy. There are tons of opportunities to make money working in commercials, film & television, and print ads. Learn how you can get started! This workshop is perfect for people just getting started, those who would like to know how to get started, or those who would really like to boost their career. Appropriate for ages six through adult.

Workshop topics include:

-what sort of work is out there
-how to build your resume in a hurry
-how to market yourself
-how agencies work, and how to get signed
-where to find auditions
-how to audition in front of the camera
-headshot & resume consultation

…and more!

All workshop participants will receive a professionally produced DVD of the workshop. Select participants may be featured in an upcoming instructional DVD that will be distributed nationally.

This workshop will be run by Brian Bowers. Brian has over twenty years of experience working in the entertainment industry, including:

*a professional actor featured in regional theaters, commercials, film, and voiceovers
*former talent agent from the Talent Group, one of the top SAG/AFTRA franchised agencies in the region
*owner and photographer for Braedy Photography (www.braedyphoto.com)
*Cleveland Producer of the 48 Hour Film Project (www.48hourfilm.com/cleveland)
*judge for the National Film Challenge
*moderator for the New Vision Film Club
*producer/consultant for actors & filmmakers
*professional blog at www.thebrianbowersproject.com

Actors that Brian has previously worked with have gone on to work on Broadway, London’s West End, national tours, films, and broadcast and cable television.

“The first time I met Brian, he drew me in, and boosted my confidence quickly. I grew as an actor and as a person in general just by spending a few short hours with him. As time progressed and I grew more he saw that it was time to bring me into the agency, where he personally took an interest in making sure I began working professionally as an artist. He organized the most important audition of my life to date. With a bit of advice from him I was cast in the role of Robby Sabian in “The Kill Point” where I was able to work with the likes of John Leguizamo and Donnie Whalburg. Brian is one of the hardest working men I know and he brings in an almost un-human positive attitude and work ethic.”

Ethan Rosenfeld-“Robby Sabian” on Spike TV’s The Kill Point (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2624266/)

“I highly recommend this workshop for individuals that are serious about gaining information and confidence about the entertainment industry.”

Kevin Joseph Kelly-“Jimmy Sprinkles” on Fox 8’s That’s Life with Robin Swoboda

Workshop Information

Saturday, January 16th 2010 9:30 am (will last approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours)

Location: Braedy Photography, located in Hodge School Lofts, 1075 East 74th St., #212, Cleveland OH 44103 (For directions click here).

Cost: $65 per person


All participants must register in advance by filling out this form. Secure billing is done via PayPal (you don’t have to have PayPal to pay for the workshop) and will be billed as Braedy Photography. Space is limited!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you make me a star?
A. That all depends on you. There are tons of talented actors out there, but most never get the opportunity to try. I’ll arm you with the tools and information that will give you an edge over 90% of other actors, but it’s still up to you to act well and land the part.

Q. I already get work as an actor-why should I take this workshop?
A. Are you also getting work in print, voiceovers, commercials, industrials, film, etc.? This workshop will explain why it’s better for most people to try to get work in all of these areas, and how you can market yourself to do so.

Q. There are a lot of scams out there–how do I know this information works?
A. See my bio above-all of the information is based on my years of experience working as an actor, agent, director, producer, and photographer. I’ve watched hundreds of actors audition, so I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve also worked with hundreds of clients from ad agencies, photo studios, casting directors, and production companies, and I know what they look for when they try to book an actor or model on a job.

Q. Do I need to prepare a monologue for the workshop?
A. No preparation is needed, however feel free to bring your current headshot, resume, demo reel, or other marketing materials. We will go over what works and what doesn’t when marketing yourself.

Q. Will you critique my acting and let me know if I’m good or not?
A. We will go over how to best to prepare for different types of auditions, and try to give everyone a chance to read in front of the camera. However keep in mind that this is not an acting workshop as much as it is a marketing/informational workshop. We’ll assume that everyone has the ability to act a great part, and the workshop will give you the tools you need to get that big audition.

Q. The workshop is for my child-can I attend it as well?
A. Children under the age of seventeen may have one adult parent or guardian attend at no cost. Additional people would have to register and pay to attend.

Q. Can I bring a friend/roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend?
A. With the exception of an adult guardian for children under the age of seventeen, every person attending the workshop must register and pay to attend.

Q. Can I pay you the day of the workshop?
A. Sorry-due to size limitations, every person must register and pay in advance. You can register now by clicking here.

Q. I have several children (or friends) that I would like to bring to the workshop-do you offer a multiple person discount?
A. Yes! The first attendee pays the full $65 registration, and additional registrants pay $55 each. Multiple people must register at the same time to be eligible for the discount. More than three people to register? Contact me here for discount information.

Don’t miss out! This workshop can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of time and aggravation as you start your career in the entertainment industry, not to mention the hundreds or thousands of dollars you can make by booking jobs! Register today!

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