Best of The Brian Bowers Project!

Here are the top 5 posts over the last year since this blog has been around. It’s been a great year, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me as we discuss Entertainment, Film, Business, and Life!


Ohio Film Incentives-Facts & Figures

So what is this film tax incentive that has Columbus and the rest of Ohio in a tizzy? Do you understand what the tax incentives entail, and what this would mean to the local and state economies?

Tax incentives have been in place for the film industry in many states for over a decade. Film industry revenue in the United States alone is close to $20 billion yearly. According to some older figures from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), approximately 75% of films were produced in California, with the other 25% spread among other states in the country (Coolidge,1995). Read more…


Seven signs that your talent agency is about to shut down!

Picture 1Times are tough right now for every industry-but especially advertising. With marketing budgets being slashed for small businesses and national corporations alike, companies are spending less money on placing ads, which in turn means less commercials and print ads. Because these are the bread and butter of most regional talent agencies, many are being forced to close up shop.

Don’t be left out in the cold when your agency closes! Here are seven signs that your agency is in trouble: Read more…


Groundbreakings–Ups and Downs in Cleveland Theatre

This has been a week filled with some very mixed emotions for most of the Cleveland theatre community. By now most of us have heard about the Beck Center’s plea for $150,000 in additional funding. You can read Tony Brown’s complete Plain Dealer article on his blog here. A letter sent out by Beck Center President Cindy Einhouse asks individuals and companies that can make even a small donation to please do so. The institution is one of the largest in the area, hosting art galleries, a dance studio, a slew of classes in theatre and art, and two theatre spaces boasting some of the most eclectic shows in the region. Read more…


48 Hour Film Project Cleveland 2009 Film Nominations

The films have been screened, the ballots have been counted, and the votes are all in! Our judges and audience have narrowed the over forty films completed this year down to the few nominees you see in each category. Congrats to everyone who participated in this year’s competition, regardless of if you have a nominated film or not. Please join us this Friday from 7-10 pm at Anatomy Nightclub for the Wrap Party/Awards Ceremony. We’ll show short clips from each of the nominees in each category and announce the winner of each award, culminating in the “Best Film” of 2009! Read more…


How to (legally) get out of your talent agency contract


So you did it! You finally got an agent! Someone who believes in your work. Someone who has the connections to get you more and better work, and someone who has the business sense to get you the best deal and most money for gigs. Congrats!

Then your biggest fears start to come true. Your agent stops taking your phone calls. You go months with no auditions or bookings. You meet other talent who have been waiting to get paid for gigs from months ago. All of the sudden, your stardom dreams are turning into a nightmare! What have you done? Did you sign a deal with the devil? Read more…

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