10 Cheap Resources for Actors!

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In the spirit of the recession, I’ve put together this list of freebies and cheapies to help out the struggling actors and actresses out there. Enjoy!

10.Free Auditions– www.actingshowcase.com. Set up by Cleveland filmmaker George Buitiri from Two Martinis Productions, you can set up a profile and upload your demo for prospective clients to take a look at. You can also get access to auditions for many films through the website.

9.Cheap Website– http://www.1and1.com. In the digital age an actor really needs to have an online portfolio as well as the traditional headshot and resume. I’ve used 1 and 1 for years for various websites, and have always been happy with the service. You can register a domain name (such as www.thebrianbowersproject.com!) for as little as $8.99/year, and many packages include a free website builder to help you put something together.

8.Cheap Phone Service– www.skype.com. OK, so it’s not as good as having a regular cell phone, but it sure beats having to pay for a landline, and works right off of your computer anywhere you have an internet connection. Make outgoing calls for as little as $2.99/month, or get a dedicated phone number with voicemail and all the bells and whistles for less than $20 for three months. I have both, I think it works out to around $8.99/month that I pay for everything.

7.Free Business Cards– www.vistaprint.com Now that you have your website you need to promote it, right? Get something made up that has your name, contact info, and website in one of their standard templates and you just pay shipping and handling; or for a little bit extra get fully customized business cards.

6.Free TV– www.hulu.com Soothe your pain from that audition you blew by watching all of your friends who got cast in Law & Order. Also offers movies and lots of other goodies. Plus according to Alec Baldwin it will turn your brain into a liquid mush that he can slurp up. After all, he’s an alien and that’s how he rolls. 🙂

5.Free Audiobooks- www.audible.com. Sign up for a free account and you can download some of the many free audiobooks they offer–perhaps something motivational to help you with your career?

4.Free Resume Help- www.thebrianbowersproject.com. About a month ago I offered help with actors in putting together their acting resumes (no work resumes please!). Hunt around on this site and you can find the specifics on where to send your info.

3.Free Social Networking Switchboard– www.ping.fm. Keep your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Myspace, and dozens and dozens of other social networks updated from one place. I just started using it; it’s very easy to use and saves me hours from having to send updates from site to site to site.

2.Cheap Advice on How to Streamline you Life– www.4hourworkweek.com. I talk about Tim Ferriss’s best selling book “The Four Hour Work Week” a lot, and highly recommend it to everyone! It’s not a book about how to get rich by doing nothing; it’s a book that shows you how to protect your most valuable resource–your personal time–by streamlining and automating your life and income. This book changed my life! Tim also has a great blog on lifestyle design that will give you insight into the principles taught in the book.

And finally, the Number One Resource for Actors is…

1. Free Acting Business Advice– www.thebrianbowersproject. Yeah, that’s right, I’m promoting myself–twice as a matter of fact (see #4). I have a lot of cool things planned for the next couple of months to help out people trying to work in the entertainment industry–whether as an actor, filmmaker, musician, or other entertainer. I hope you enjoy what you’ve read so far, and I hope you’ll continue to come back!

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