Winner of the Free Headshots–Kim Woodworth!

About a month ago I had a contest offering free headshots to one lucky person. To enter was very simple; each contestant had to send me a copy of their current headshot OR explain to me why they do NOT have a headshot, and then everyone had to answer a couple of questions about what they do to market themselves as a performer. Finally, to participate each entrant needed to follow me on Twitter. I had a panel of three judges read the essays (with no names on them to be fair and impartial), and the judges selected a winner based on their answers.

Why did I hold this contest? I’ll write a separate post on this later, but I looked at this as a way to get a lot of marketing data from my potential customers. One I review everything in more detail I’ll post on what some performers are doing to market themselves, as well as what is working for them and what isn’t working.

In the meantime, the prize was collected last week, so I wanted to post just a few of the photos from Kim’s shoot. Anyone interested in more information about my headshot photography should check out for samples and rates. In the mean time, congratulations to Kim!

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