Genre-Crossing Music

I don’t write a lot about music on this blog, mainly because I’ve never actually worked in the music industry. I’d like to add some more posts about the music industry though, because it’s part of the entertainment business and much of what is happening in the music end is echoed in the film end, […]

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Talent Release forms

I used to deal with a lot with all sorts of releases and contracts in my work as an agent. Just a note to anyone who produces, as well as a warning to all models and actors who come in contact with releases–Be very careful of what you sign! There are many times when I […]

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A New Look!

I’m currently working on getting a new look for this blog. I’ve armed myself with my new Macbook and a slew of software to try out to find something cooler and more functional. New things will include some more interactive media (podcasts, video, photos, etc.) as well as a new feel to the site in […]

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