Happy Birthday Braeden

By the time this post is published it will be February 21st–the birthday of my son Braeden Thomas. He would be six years old today. Braeden was a stillborn in the eighth month of pregnancy. He died in the womb due strangulation from the umbilical cord, something there is no way to predict or prevent.

Every February 21st I go visit Braeden at Crown Hill Cemetery in Twinsburg.

I am fortunate that I still have three other wonderful children in my life. Though they can never replace the child I’ve lost, they bring me more joy and have opened up my heart more than anything in my life.

Take today off from whatever it is you think that you “have” to do–spend it with your kids. Or your niece or grandchild or whatever young one that is part of your life.

You only have one chance to live–so spend your life surrounded by the ones you love.

Tyler, Breanna, and Jenna
Tyler, Breanna, and Jenna

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