Impending Disaster…

With the demise of Akron’s Carousel Dinner Theatre, is the rest of Cleveland Theatre soon to follow? Ready Tony Brown from the Plain Dealer’s thoughts here. Is closing the doors the answer?

I think not.

Reading Tony’s article you see examples of what theatres like CPT and and the Cleveland Playhouse are doing to keep afloat. Take what’s happening in theatre and treat it like a normal business (my mantra, I know…show business is still a BUSINESS!) and you can find some historical data. Looking back through historical times of financial and economical crisis such as our nation’s current situation, the businesses that thrive are the ones that WORK SMARTER, not the ones that close the doors and give up. And this is not to say that it wasn’t the right choice for Carousel, but a challenge to all of the other theatres who feel they need to follow suit.

What can you do to keep the doors open? Cut a show? Postpone a show to save on heating bills (ala CPT in Tony’s article). What can you cut back on to keep the doors open? My suggestion would be to save some bucks by killing or postponing some of the smaller draw shows and dumping that money into advertising for the large draw shows.

Because people would rather go see “Our Town” than to have no open theatres at all.

One thought on “Impending Disaster…

  1. You’re right on the money (no pun intended), Brian–and that’s one of the reasons you were a good agent. You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult for theater managers and owners to come to the same conclusions, would you?

    But No, and alas, we all are poorer for it.

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