Make some money acting and modeling!

So, with my infinite amounts of free time (sigh) and the vast amount of knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences in the entertainment industry, I’ve decided to put this to good use. I’m producing a DVD with my good friend Alex Verdova from Erie Lake Pictures on how exactly to go about making money in the entertainment industry. I want to cover the basics including exactly what sort of work is out there, how to market yourself as an actor/model, pros and cons of unions, agencies and how they work, and things you can do on your own to help your career. I figure people can benefit off of the mistakes I’ve seen so many people make–and paying me for a DVD that will actually help you beats paying $2,000 for “modeling classes” that you’ll never see any return on, yes? So I’m reaching out now to see if anyone has any thoughts on content–anything you’d like to see included, or any burning questions you have yourself? Let me know, I really want to make something that people are going to be able to use. I’m also holding a contest–whomever can come up with the best name for the DVD will get a free copy when it comes out!

3 thoughts on “Make some money acting and modeling!

  1. To Patricia–thanks for the comments, those would be great titles. The whole purpose of the program is to show people how they can make money doing this though…there are plenty of great programs out there in the community theatre world as well as indie and student films and other opportunities. This is to show actors that what they do has worth and value in the advertising world, and how to take advantage of the many opportunities out there.

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