Welcome to the Brian Bowers Project!

Thanks for checking out my very first blog. So…who is Brian Bowers, and what is the Brian Bowers Project? Well, the first one I think we’re all still trying to figure out, myself included 🙂 As for the second–think of this as a sort of forum to organize the many projects I’m involved with, test new ideas, get feedback, and generally look for ways to do really cool things and work as little as possible. And when I say work as little as possible, I don’t mean being lazy or adopting a bohemian live-out-of-a-car lifestyle, but rather focus on doing work that’s meaningful for me and for others. I have a feeling this topic will come up repeatedly in the future, so for now we’ll just let it be at that.

Some of the projects I’m currently involved in: Braedy Photography (www.braedyphoto.com), my photo studio for portraits, headshots, modeling & wedding/event photography; The Talent Group (www.talentgroup.com), NOT my company but currently my “day job” where I represent models and actors to get them work and negotiate deals in commercials, TV/film, and print ads; The 48 Hour Film Project (www.48hourfilm.com/cleveland), where I recently finished up a stint as the Cleveland City Producer for 24 teams;and Erie Lake Pictures (www.erielakepictures.com), my very good friend Alex Verdova’s film production company–I am working with him as a producer/director on several cool upcoming projects that we’ll be discussing.  In addition I’m working on starting another company that will be geared towards film distribution. I have a few different business models that we’re working on, and I’m looking forward to getting people’s feedback.

So, thanks for checking me out. Remember to RSS me so you can stay on top of any updates. Feel free to comment on any of the posts that you see on here–I’m looking forward to getting your feedback!

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